About Us

Based in the mining capital of Sweden, far north of the Arctic Circle, Kiruna Wagon knows the importance of finding economical and innovative solutions to logistical challenges.

We specialise in the custom design and manufacture of ore wagons for the Nordic and international market and design wagons that make a difference.

Constructed mainly in high-strength steels, our new-generation ore wagons enable higher productivity through lower tare weights and higher discharge rates. A better overall wagon economy is achieved through high reliability and availability, supported by a modularised service concept which ensures high maintainability. For optimal productivity and operator safety, many of the processes are remote controlled.

A versatile portfolio

Our design process always starts with a careful analysis of our customer’s unique logistical needs, incorporating local climate and terrain considerations and an understanding of the unique properties of the material to be transported. To date, our product portfolio includes a Side Dumper, a Bottom Dumper, a Rock Dumper, a Helix Dumper, and the upcoming Turn Dumper – all designed with optimal productivity and effective discharge in mind. The low tare weight of the wagons means energy savings and a more environmentally-friendly ore transport.

New generation design

Since the start in 2004, we have established ourselves as a reliable supplier of customised ore logistics solutions and have signed major contracts with four mining companies in the Nordic countries.

Our products meet the industry’s high demands for maximised payload, safety and environmental protection and are based on extensive experience of working with mining logistics in an often challenging area of the world. As we enter our second decade, we continue to deliver world-class ore logistics to leading mining operations around the globe.

Bottom Dumper: FAMMOORR050 for LKAB

The manufacturing of Malmvagn FAMMOORR050 for the LKAB Kiruna Mine is our most high profile project to date. It is also Sweden’s largest wagon project with a total order value of SEK 800 million. The wagon carries up to 100 metric tonnes, which is 25 per cent more than the previous generation wagons. Together with the upgrade of the Iron Ore Line, to handle a 30-tonne axle weight, and the use of stronger engines able to pull 750-metre trains, the new wagon has increased LKAB’s transport capacity by 60 per cent.

FAMMOORR050 is manufactured in collaboration with K-Industrier that builds the chassis. Kiruna Wagon is responsible for the manufacture of the body and the hatch system, as well as for the final assembly. We are proud to meet the high demands of the world’s largest and most modern underground iron ore mine – the LKAB Kiruna Mine. In September 2012 we delivered the thousandth wagon to LKAB.

Side Dumper: TAIMN091 for Boliden

In 2009 we received an order to manufacture 25 concentrate wagons for international metals company Boliden and the Boliden Aitik Mine. Our Side Dumper, TAIMN091 , is a closed container wagon for the transport of ore concentrate in an environmentally sustainable way. The 4-axle bogie wagon measures a little over twelve metres and has a capacity of 73 metric tonnes, or 40.5 m3. The wagon is equipped with a roof for environmental reasons and is constructed for both left and right-side tipping. The subarctic climate influences the choice of materials and we are proud to work in close cooperation with SSAB – a leading global provider of advanced high-strength steels.

Update 2017: Our new and updated Side Dumper combines our proven SD technology with an ultralight and modular design. Read more about our updated SD wagon and unloading station here.

Helix Dumper: FAMMRR121 for Northland

In April 2012 we entered into an agreement with international mining company Northland Resources to produce 150 iron ore wagons for the transport of ore concentrate from Northland’s transhipment terminal in Pitkäjärvi in Sweden, to the ice-free port of Narvik in Norway. Constructed mainly of high-strength steels, with yield strength of 700 MPa, the Helix Dumper designed for Northland has a low tare weight to maximise payload, Malmbanan’s maximum permitted axle load is 30 tonnes, and is designed with a body turning solution for optimised discharge. With this major order we consolidate our position as a top supplier to the modern mining industry.

Bottom Dumper: NO-RG Fanoo for Rana Gruber AS

In May 2013, we signed an order for 40 ore wagons to Norwegian mining company Rana Gruber AS in Mo i Rana. The NO-RG Fanoo Bottom Dumper is designed for a 30-tonne axle weight and has a significantly lower tare weight than similar wagons, which means an increased efficiency and a more environmentally-friendly ore transport.

Our new Bottom Dumper is a very strong feature of our product portfolio for modular standard products. The first wagon was delivered to Rana Gruber in January 2014.

Kiruna Wagon is owned by Nybergs Mekaniska Verkstad and Rönnqvist & Wettainen. The company has grown steadily in size and reputation since the start in 2004, and attracts increasing interest from mining companies in Europe and beyond.

In September 2012, we delivered the thousandth pellets wagon FAMMOORR050 to LKAB and the Kiruna Mine.

Our Side Dumper, TAIMN091, for Boliden, transports copper concentrate from the Aitik Mine to the Rönnskär smelter, a distance of 400 km.

Constructed mainly of high-strength steels, the Helix Dumper FAMMRR121, designed for Northland, has a low tare weight to maximise payload.

Our Bottom Dumper, NO-RG Fanoo, for Norwegian mining company Rana Gruber AS, is designed for a 30-tonne axle load.