• Extremely effective bottom discharge
  • Handles boulders up to 1500 mm
  • Low-cost maintenance

RD – Rock Dumper

RD – Rock Dumper

The compact solution of our heavy-duty Rock Dumper represents more than 30 years of optimisation for large fractions and narrow spaces.

Rock Dumper for the LKAB Kiruna Mine

The Rock Dumper is a two-axle bottom-discharge wagon capable of handling drop-loaded boulders in sizes up to 1500 mm. The wagon, which can be used above and under ground, is designed for rolling discharge and loading and has a discharge capacity of up to 17 000 tonnes per hour.

Thanks to the mechanical design, there is a limited amount of waste between wagons without any advanced automation. A train set of up to 25 wagons can operate with a single locomotive.

The Rock Dumper is dimensioned for small drifts; the wagons built for the LKAB Kiruna Mine have a width of 2056 mm and a height of 1825 mm. These dimensions can be adjusted according to customer needs.

The wagon is optimised for easy maintenance and its main wear surfaces are repaired through an efficient maintenance program.

LKAB Rock Dumper data

Total length: 3600 mm
Distance between axle centres: 2500 mm
Height (empty): 1825 mm
Height (fully loaded): 1800 mm
Maximum width: 2320 mm
Inner width: 1668 mm
Tare weight: 11 metric tonnes
Load weight average: 19.5 metric tonnes
Load weight max: 34 metric tonnes
Body volume: 10.5 m³
Axle pressure: 14.25 metric tonnes
Max speed reverse: 20 km/h
Max speed haul: 25 km/h
Track gauge: 891 mm
Wheel diameter: 700 mm and 710 mm
Coupler distance: 3750 mm

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Under the surface. 3D render showing the unloading from below.

Under the surface. 3D render showing the unloading from below.


Rock Dumper wagon in operation at LKAB, Sweden.

Rock Dumper wagon in operation at the LKAB Kiruna Mine, in Kiruna, Sweden.