Our organisation philosophy and policy is “The right person in the right position.” To maintain this standpoint within the organisation we adopt a high level of flexibility.

Organisation Philosophy

To create complex products we employ the most modern methods and materials into our work. In order to achieve long-term efficiency in today’s and tomorrow’s rail-bound logistics we need the right competence and insightfulness in every stage of our production.

Our workforce numbers around 160 employees. The constructors, project managers, welders and assemblers all work to achieve our goal: “The world’s lowest LCC-cost per metric tonne on rail bound ore transports.”

Work Responsibilities:

Managing Director:Workshop Manager:Technical Manager:Mechanical Designer:Welding Engineer:Welding Supervisor:Materials Manager:
Business developmentProductionProduction developmentTechnical improvementsWelding process qualityWelding process supervisionStrategic purchase
Financial developmentPersonnelProduct developmentProduction improvementsWelding process developmentQuality control weldingSupply chain management
Safety / Work environmentPurchase