11 December 2010

Kiruna Wagon to produce underground wagons for LKAB’s new main level

Kiruna Wagon AB has received an order to produce 121 iron ore cars for LKAB’s new main level, located on 1365 meters. The ore cars are expected to transport more than 30 million tonnes crude ore annually, from the ore passes to the crushing plant and hoisting station.

– Choosing Kiruna Wagon as our supplier feels very natural. It is all about price and competence. They also did a very good job delivering over 800 Pellets Wagon F 050, which operate the Narvik and Luleå routes, says Thomas Nordström, Project Manager at LKAB.

The new iron ore cars will be produced between 2011-2015 and means another long-term project for Kiruna Wagon.

– Having the continued confidence from the world’s most modern underground mine, with the highest requirements in all its processes, of course means a lot to us, says Fredrik Kangas, Local Manager at Kiruna Wagon. The order enables us to continue develop local specialist competence  and a Kiruna-based company with export potential can further expand and develop.

Kiruna Wagon has since 2004 been rebuilding, repairing and producing ore cars for LKAB and Boliden. Among the assignments is the repair and upgrade of the preceding generation of underground ore cars for LKAB. Like the previous model, the new underground wagon is loaded through the ore pass chute and emptied through bottom discharge, which opens the entire bottom of the wagon in a discharge curve.

The solution is based on proven techniques and the challenge for us lies mainly in efficient processes and an optimal use of our knowledge of high strength steels and quality, explains Kangas.

The new business deal means that Kiruna Wagon AB has been behind all wagon production for the mining industry in the region since the start 2004. Fourteen bidders took part in LKAB’s procurement process – a clear proof that Kiruna Wagon fares well in international competition.





Fredrik Kangas, local manager, Kiruna Wagon AB +46 70-575 70 56