16 September 2013

Successful First Unloading of Wagons

Northland Resources has conducted its first unloading tests at the recently completed unloading facilities at the Narvik Ore Terminal in Norway. Metallerochgruvor.se reports that the tests went smoothly and that the FAMMRR¹²¹ iron ore wagons, manufactured by Kiruna Wagon, were successfully emptied using the unloading equipment provided by EPN Solutions.

The unique unloading solution, where the load of the FAMMRR¹²¹ is dumped through a 148-degree rotation of the basket while the wagon remains in motion, is a realisation of Northland Resources’s own revolutionary logistics concept for the unloading of the company’s magnetite concentrate. The rotation, along with the round shape of the loading cube, creates optimal conditions for effective discharge of fine and sticky materials.

Update: Northland Resources reports in an Operational Update for the Kaunisvaara Project, published on November 14, 2013, that the unloading facilities have been completed during the month of October 2013 and the Narvik Ore Terminal is now operational.