10 November 2014

Kiruna Wagon collaborates with Luleå University of Technology

LTUKiruna Wagon has been teaming up with Luleå University of Technology (LTU) during 2014 for a so called Sirius Project for engineering students. The ambition of the project is to achieve a technological breakthrough that will develop Kiruna Wagon’s second-generation Side Dumper further.

Seven students from LTU are involved in the project which runs during three quarters of the academic year. The main objective is to simplify the design of the wagon with the overall goal to reduce tare weight. To accomplish this, mechanisms and lifting points are moved to the lower part of the frame which already has the strength needed for mechanical movements.

Kiruna Wagon’s Side Dumper is used by Swedish mining and smelting company New Boliden since 2010 and there is international interest in the wagon.

Kiruna Wagon views the project, which ends at the turn of the year, as a flying start of a long-term partnership with LTU, involving both future student projects and research. The collaboration is also an opportunity to scoop up exciting young engineers in the area.

The ultimate goal for Kiruna Wagon is to become an attractive and exciting employer who recruits locally and brings the most modern mining technology to the global market.