11 January 2016

146 underground wagons delivered to LKAB

Today, the last of 146 underground wagons were audited and approved for delivery to LKAB. The wagons are rolling on LKAB’s new main level at 1,365 metres below ground. The wagons are expected to transport more than 30 million tonnes crude ore annually, from the ore passes to the crushing plant and hoisting station.

– All through the project the dialogue with LKAB has been perfect. Together we have learned a lot about the characteristics of the wagon and its working conditions, says Bengt Bolsöy, Technical Manager at Kiruna Wagon.

The project, which involved the adaption and manufacturing of an existing wagon concept, started in 2011 and now the last wagon is on the track.

– The concept has been adapted to our preconditions and we are now rolling with a high-capacity underground system. Working with Kiruna Wagon has been great for making the necessary adjustments, says LKAB’s Project Manager Kari Oja.

Bengt Bolsöy, Kiruna Wagon, and Kari Oja, LKAB in front of the last of the 146 under ground wagons.

Bengt Bolsöy, Technical Manager at Kiruna Wagon, and Kari Oja, Project Manager at LKAB, in front of the final of 146 delivered underground wagons.