27 April 2016

Kiruna Wagon’s Side Dumper Praised by Leader in Rail Logistics

Kiruna Wagon's SD

Kiruna Wagon’s Side Dumper (SD) has been commended by Sweden’s largest rail freight and logistics company, Green Cargo.

Green Cargo operates Boliden’s trains with Side Dumpers from Kiruna Wagon, from the Boliden Aitik mine in the north of Sweden to the Rönnskär copper smelter by the Bothnian Bay.

Kiruna Wagon has since 2009 delivered 33 Side Dumpers to Boliden and this year 14 additional wagons have been ordered. The sealed wagons have a high carrying capacity and can discharge their load to either left or right side. They provide Boliden with an energy-efficient and safe mode of transport for its copper concentrates.

Since 2010, Kiruna Wagon is also managing the maintenance of Boliden’s wagon fleet and both the wagon design and the maintenance work have been commended by Green Cargo.

Mats Hellsten, Operate Account Manager at Green Cargo, said: “We are extremely happy with the Side Dumper and its performance. It is actually extraordinary compared to other wagons. Especially during the cold and snowy winters that we have in northern Sweden.”

Since the delivery of the first wagons to Boliden in 2009, Kiruna Wagon has continued to focus on the refinement of components and parts, working from a user-centred perspective and maintaining close communication with their client.

Martin Malmelöv, SD Product Manager at Kiruna Wagon, said: “We are very proud to receive praise from a major operator like Green Cargo and we believe that the ongoing dialogue between Green Cargo, Boliden and ourselves is one of the explanations behind our wagon’s high availability.”

On Kiruna Wagon’s YouTube channel you can watch a video presenting the covered Side Dumper.