11 December 2016

Boliden renews service agreement with Kiruna Wagon

Boliden has shown its continued confidence in Kiruna Wagon by renewing the service agreement for its wagon fleet. The new service agreement extends the previous agreement, which was initiated in 2010, and covers Boliden’s fleet of 47 Kiruna Wagon-built Side Dumpers.

Since our first wagon order from Boliden in 2009, our relationship has strengthened and Boliden has developed from a client into a reliable partner that is a great support in our continued product and service development work.

We are happy to announce that we have continued confidence from Boliden by demonstrating a cost-effective maintenance.

Boliden’s fleet of Side Dumpers transports ore from Aitik, Sweden's largest copper mine, to the Rönnskär smelter.

Boliden’s Side Dumpers transport ore from Aitik, Sweden’s largest copper mine, to the Rönnskär smelter.