14 May 2019

Kiruna Wagon Silver Sponsor for IHHA Conference 2019

Kiruna Wagon is sponsoring the 2019 International Heavy Haul STS Conference in Narvik, which offers us a unique opportunity to showcase two of our wagon systems live.

The conference is hosted by the International Heavy Haul Association and Nordic Heavy Haul in Partnership with Bane NOR and Trafikverket at the Arctic University of Norway in Narvik. The programme, including the Technical Workshop and the Technical Tour, runs from June 10th to June 15th.

The theme of the 2019 conference is “Heavy Haul 4.0 – Achieving Breakthrough Performance Levels”, which presents a perfect opportunity for the international heavy haul community to share solutions and successes that advance and transform railway operations performance in the digital era.

During the Technical Tour on June 15th, two of Kiruna Wagon’s logistic systems will be on display: the Bottom Dumper (BD) and the Helix Dumper (HD).

The BD system will be showcased at LKAB’s terminal in the heart of Narvik, which is the first stop of the Technical Tour. The 650 metre long unloading station is powered by advanced automation, enabling an ore train carrying 6,800 tonnes of iron-ore products to be unloaded in 30 minutes. The train’s 68 Bottom Dumper wagons release the ore into 60 m deep underground silos. Kiruna Wagon has manufactured over 1,000 Bottom Dumpers for LKAB between 2004 and 2012.

The next stop of the Technical Tour features our groundbreaking Helix Dumper system, which was awarded the Swedish Steel Prize in 2017. The HD unloading station is operated by Swedish mining company Kaunis Iron at the Narvik Terminal just south of Narvik. Currently, there is no technology that can match the productivity of the Helix Dumper when it comes to unloading heavy fine-grained bulk goods at a high discharge rate. The Helix Dumper unloads even the stickiest bulk materials at rates up to 25,000 tonnes per hour.

Kiruna Wagon is delighted to be sponsoring this important and high profile event and looks forward to exchanging ideas and insights with a host of speakers and delegates representing the political and economic sectors, international institutions and all actors of the logistics chain.

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