24 May 2019

Wagon bottom door refurbishment for Rana Gruber

Ore wagon refurbishment at Kiruna Wagon.

4 years and 18 million tonnes of iron ore have passed since Kiruna Wagon delivered the first of 40 Bottom Dumper ore wagons to Rana Gruber in Norway. The time has now come to refurbish the wagon doors.

Norwegian iron ore producer, Rana Gruber, operates the wagons on short, but intensive, transport distances of some 40 km from the mine in Ørtfjell to the concentration plant at the port of Mo i Rana on the Atlantic coast. This means that the doors on the Bottom Dumpers are used very intensively. As a comparison, LKAB’s Bottom Dumpers open their doors 1 time per day, while the doors on the Norwegian owned wagons are opened 7 times per day. During their 4 years in operation, Rana Gruber’s wagon doors have been opened and shut more times than the doors on LKAB’s wagons are estimated to do throughout their 20-year technical lifespan.

“Each of our customers has their own unique circumstances, and we find it interesting that the doors on Rana Gruber’s wagons are used so intensively. This provides our engineers with fast feedback on how the wear parts and their serviceability can be further developed and optimised,” says Martin Malmelöv, Workshop Manager at Kiruna Wagon.

Kiruna Wagon has built over 1,000 Bottom Dumpers for LKAB since 2004, but in this case, evaluation of the bottom door will go much slower due to the much less intensive use.

While refurbishing the doors on Rana Gruber’s wagons, some upgrades will be made to reduce wear and increase serviceability.

Bottom Dumper bottom door refurbishment at Kiruna Wagon, Sweden.