11 August 2019

Kiruna Wagon Custom Wagons – New Brochure

We build and redesign your wagons with the aim of achieving the highest level of efficiency, serviceability and availability.

Kiruna Wagon’s custom built wagons meet all the requirements in the approval process for transport on public railway as per the Swedish or international standards.

Thanks to our extensive experience of wagons in commuter traffic, we have developed special expertise within modern and simplified solutions that efficiently enhance the serviceability of your wagons. This has given us many satisfied and recurring customers.

Maximising the possibility for a well-functioning condition-based maintenance (CBM) is a part of our core philosophy. We build wagons with the idea that maintenance should, as often as possible, be carried out at natural terminal stops without having to disconnect the wagon from the train. With this strategy, we maximise the revision interval and reduce your maintenance costs in the long run.

Download our new brochure to read more about Kiruna Wagon Custom Wagons.