03 April 2020

A focus on heavy-haul rail transport in the Nordic region

In February, Kiruna Wagon had the pleasure of hosting a seminar about heavy-haul transport in the Nordic region. Participating were the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency, Traficom, the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, Väylä, a research group from the University of Tampere, and Amsted Rail – a global provider of systems and components for freight and transit railcars and locomotives.

Key topics for the seminar were solutions for minimised wheel and track wear, and the performance of heavy-haul rail wagons in the Arctic areas of northern Finland and Sweden. This is an area where Kiruna Wagon and Amsted have in-depth experience, having collaborated on building almost 1,200 30-tonne axle load wagons for iron ore producer LKAB.

The seminar contained presentations and discussions, as well as a field trip to Kaunis Irons’ reloading facilities, 50 km east of Kiruna, where Helix Dumpers from Kiruna Wagon were on display.

At Kiruna Wagon we are always looking to expand our services with the mission to provide a comprehensive expertise in heavy haul rail freight. Areas we are focusing extra on presently are solutions for minimised wheel and track wear in combination with effective maintenance.

We thank all participants for taking part in the seminar. It was a great opportunity to connect and exchange views and experiences on key issues in heavy-haul rail transport.