23 September 2020

Breakthrough Performance with the Helix Dumper System

The paper Breakthrough Performance with the Helix Dumper System was presented at the International Heavy Haul Association (IHHA) conference in Narvik, 2019, by Bengt Bolsöy, Senior Product & System Consultant at Kiruna Wagon.

ABSTRACT: The unloading processes of rail based logistic systems for dry bulk, currently are either complex or have relatively low capacity. It should therefore be possible to increase the logistic performance by re-designing this process. The unloading process of the relatively new Helix Dumper Solution (HD) offers low complexity and extreme capacity. Therefore, its logistic performance has been compared with the tradi-tional and most popular Rotary Car Dumper Solution (RCD). The comparison was performed by analyzing and evaluating a set of key performance indicators, selected for a like comparison.

The results show that the HD system significantly outperforms the RCD system in every aspect with sig-nificantly higher reliability, availability, and safety. In addition, the HD solution emits significantly less noise, dust and a stunning 57 % less CO₂ per transported tonne of commodity. For annual volumes from 10 Million tonnes, the logistic cost of the HD system per unit volume is 15 to 35 % lower and, in contrast to the RCD system, almost unaffected by the annual volume. While this is an advantage for larger mines, it makes many smaller mineral deposits worthwhile to develop. In addition, the great unloading capacity enables direct load-ing of ships, allowing additional significant savings.

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