13 June 2011

Kiruna Wagon designs for Northland

European exploration and development company Northland Resources has chosen Kiruna Wagon for a development assignment at the Kaunisvaara iron ore project in northern Sweden. Realising Northland’s own revolutionary logistics concept, Kiruna Wagon will build a wagon with a high unloading capacity for the transport of pellet feed from the mines in Kaunisvaara to the ice-free port of Narvik in Norway.

The goal of the project is to launch series production of short-coupled freight wagons of the turn dumping type for Northland during the autumn of 2012. In total, 220 wagons are to be produced.

– We are proud of our contribution to the new mine in Pajala and to the growing mineral exploration sector in northern Sweden. This assignment means that Kiruna Wagon further strengthens its position as a provider of logistics for the mining industry, says Fredrik Kangas, location manager at Kiruna Wagon.

– Since the start in 2004, Kiruna Wagon has won 100% of the near market as prime contractor or subcontractor. For our company it is a sign of strength and for the growing mining industry in the region it is of course a great advantage to have strong progressive suppliers available at home.

The development project for Northland is led by Markku Kauppila who recently joined Kiruna Wagon as project manager. Markku is a familiar face as he took part in the development of Concentrate Wagon SA36 for Boliden in 2009. Since the mid-1980s Markku has worked with development and design of freight wagons, managing export projects at Finnish Transtech to Britain, Ireland and Scandinavia among other things.

– I am happy to be part of this exciting development project. It is a significant step not only for Kiruna Wagon – but for all ore logistics, says Markku Kauppila.

About Kiruna Wagon

Kiruna Wagon manufactures custom-designed wagons for the mining industry and has since the start in 2004 supplied wagons for iron ore concentrate, pellets and rock transportation.

Contact: Fredrik Kangas, Company Head, Kiruna Wagon, +46 (0)70-575 70 56


About Northland Resources

Northland Resources is a European exploration and development company, with operations in northern Sweden and Finland. The company is developing iron ore mines in Kaunisvaara near Pajala in northern Sweden, where production is expected to start in 2012. Besides Kaunisvaara, Northland also develops the Hannukainen / Kuervitikko project in northern Finland. The company’s vision is to become a leading European producer of high-quality iron ore products to steel-related industries.