Methods for Wagon Design & Manufacturing

Kiruna Wagon’s manufacturing facilities employ the latest technologies and expertise in wagon development, design, manufacture and assembly.

Our highly skilled staff work in spacious facilities to create innovative and differentiated designs for the Nordic and international market. Our wagons are constructed to meet payload, environmental and safety requirements while incorporating local climate and terrain considerations as well.

Our organization and technology are designed to meet the demands and development of the mining industry’s logistics system. As supplier to the world’s most modern mine, we work with development, manufacturing and maintenance from a Life-cycle cost perspective – the whole way from specification of requirements to documentation and follow-up.

Mechanical Design

Our constructors and project managers have genuine experience of solving problems for heavy mining logistics. Besides building wagons, we provide solutions for loading and unloading ore, under and above ground.

Robot Welding

Our main welding robot is one of the largest in northern Europe with a work area of 4×4×20 meters. Right now it executes the welding of baskets for Pellets Wagon F050 24 hours a day.

Manual Fusion Welding

We deliver manual fusion welding, controlled by more than 80 standards:

Quality requirements acc. to SS-EN ISO 3834
Specification and qualification of welding procedures acc. to SS-EN ISO 15614-1
Welder Approval SS-EN ISO 9606