Welcome to Kiruna Wagon’s
Department for Service and Spare Parts

As a wagon manufacturer and system supplier, we know the value of having the best possible service and spare parts supply chain.

We have evaluated and developed our service methodology and spare parts for our own systems, and are proud to offer this carefully selected and refined product range also to external customers. You are welcome to contact us with all your service and spare parts needs.

Below, we present our main product range.

AAR Approved Components

• Amsted Rail 3-piece bogies
• Wheels 
• Axles
• Spare parts for Amsted Rail bogies (springs, pins, central plates etc.) 
• Draw gears (draft gear, yokes, automatic couplers etc.)
• Towing hooks

TSI Approved Components

• Buffer and chain couplings
• UIC Footsteps
• Brake components (e.g. distributor valves, air reservoirs, empty/load changeover valves, slack adjusters and cylinders.)

Underground Rock Dumper Spare Parts

• Chevron brackets and springs
• Hinge pins
• Coupling pins
• Tip wheels (specially developed separable wheels)



M134 – A Brake Block for Nordic Conditions

Our engineers in Kiruna have extensive experience in designing for a demanding Nordic climate, where ice, snow and low temperatures often cause problems for railway transports.

Brake Block M134 available from Kiruna WagonAn example of our winter expertise is Brake Block M134, which is developed specially for Nordic conditions by the wagon user LKAB and CoFren, a leading European supplier of friction materials, in collaboration with Kiruna Wagon.

Brake Block M134 of sintered materials works effectively even when the heat from the brakes melts snow to water, which then freezes to ice. It also contributes to improved balance and reduced flange wear, resulting in a longer lifespan.

Welcome to contact us about Brake Block M134, which is currently used by mining companies LKAB in Sweden and Rana Gruber in Norway with excellent results, and to learn more about our different brake blocks and their characteristics.

Our Brake Blocks:

  • M134 – Sintered Mix Brake Block
  • C810 – Composite Organic Brake Block
  • S153 – Sintered Block


A Solid Track Record in Wagon Maintenance

On the service side, our biggest merit is the maintenance work we since many years perform for Boliden on its wagon fleet, the progressive maintenance work we perform on the LKAB Kiruna Mine’s underground fleet and the running repairs we carry out on its surface fleet.

Our service work involves all kinds of wagon maintenance. For example:

  • Wheel and axle maintenance
  • Brake inspection
  • Inspections, servicing and replacement of all other components such as, for example, pneumatics.

In addition to these basic services, we also sell our service methodology in the form of work specification and training.



Contact us

Welcome to contact us with your service and spare parts needs. We look forward to helping you in keeping your fleet rolling.


Roland Vingbäck

Purchasing & Spare Parts Manager
+46 (0)70 575 74 26