• Lightweight wagons
  • Robust and low-cost unloading station
  • Best choice for fine-grained bulk
  • High-capacity continuous discharge
  • Unloads even the stickiest bulk materials at rates up to 25,000 tonnes per hour
  • Kiruna Wagon delivers both the wagons and the unloading station

HD – Helix Dumper

Helix Dumper – The fastest unloading of sticky bulk materials

The Helix Dumper is built for continuous, rolling discharge and is the wagon of choice for small fractions and tough-flowing commodities that are not suitable for bottom discharge. Currently, there is no technology that can match the productivity of the Helix Dumper when it comes to unloading heavy fine-grained bulk goods at a high discharge rate. The Helix Dumper unloads even the stickiest bulk materials at rates up to 25,000 tonnes per hour.

No moving parts – no electricty

The Helix Dumper unloading station is a robust and low-cost solution that requires minimal maintenance. The discharge process is carried out at a smooth, even pace and is powered by the locomotive’s forward motion – the unloading station has no moving or motorised parts and requires no additional power supply.

When the Helix Dumper enters the unloading area, a wheel at the top of the wagon connects with the spiral-shaped rigid guide that constitutes the unloading station. As the wheel travels along the path of the guide, the chassis remains on the rails while the body of the wagon is rotated 148 degrees to dump its load. The rotation, along with the rounded shape of the wagon body, creates optimal conditions for efficient discharge of even the toughest concentrate materials.

Optimised with high-strength steel

For minimised tare weight and maximised payload, the Helix Dumper is constructed in high-strength steel.

HD – A complete system for transport and unloading

When you buy a system from Kiruna Wagon, you acquire a complete solution for both transport and unloading. We consider the whole logistics chain and design systems for efficient transport at the right total capex and opex. We are one of very few companies to deliver both the wagons and the station.


AAWS – Average Annual Wagon Speed

At Kiruna Wagon, we consider average annual wagon speed (AAWS) to be one of the most important key performance indicators. In the authentic case of Northland Resources’ mine start-up in Pajala, Sweden, the HD wagon performed at 10.9 km/h AAWS, but in full scale their system is designed to operate at 26.1 km/h AAWS.

The AAWS of our BD wagons for LKAB is 17.5 km/h, while our BD wagons for Rana Gruber operate with an AAWS of 25.7 km/h. Below, you can download our excel sheet and compare our numbers with your own fleet.

Helix Dumper unloading at a pace of 18000 tonnes/h.

Helix Dumper unloading at a pace of 25,000 tonnes/h.

The Helix Dumper.

Kiruna Wagon’s Helix Dumper is the winner of the Swedish Steel Prize 2017.