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Kiruna Wagon was founded in 2004 as a company specialised in the design and manufacture of rail freight systems for minerals, heavy bulk and general commodities. We are a competent and reliable partner for our customers – all the way from the development of a new product to approvals, maintenance and aftermarket.

Award-winning design

Kiruna Wagon was awarded the Swedish Steel Prize 2017 for the groundbreaking Helix Dumper system.


Our History

Learn about some of the major milestones in our company history by navigating the timeline.

  • The roots

    The roots

    Kiruna Wagon’s co-owner Nybergs Melaniska Verkstad has a long and proud history of manufacturing machines and equipment for the mining industry. The first underground wagons were manufactured in the 1950s for the Swedish iron ore producer LKAB.

  • Uadk wagons for LKAB

    Uadk wagons for LKAB

    In 2003, the Swedish mining company LKAB issues an invitation for a tender for the production of 110 freight wagons. K-Industrier wins the contract, with three Kiruna-based companies – Nybergs Mekaniska Verkstad, Rönnquist & Wettainen and KGS Mekaniska – acting as sub-suppliers.

  • Kiruna Wagon is born

    Kiruna Wagon is born

    In 2004, Nybergs Mekaniska Verkstad, Rönnquist & Wettainen and KGS Mekaniska form a consortium under the name Kiruna Wagon. The focus of the collaboration is development and manufacturing of rail freight wagons for heavy ore transports.

  • Sweden’s largest wagon project

    Sweden’s largest wagon project

    In 2005, Kiruna Wagon and K Industrier signs an agreement with LKAB for the manufacture of new-generation Bottom Dumpers, built for a 30-tonne axle load. Kiruna Wagon manufactures the body and bottom door-system and carries out final assembly. In total, 1,130 wagons are delivered to LKAB.

  • Nomination for Swedish Steel Prize

    Nomination for Swedish Steel Prize

    In 2008, the design of LKAB’s iron ore wagon FAMMOORR050 is nominated for the Swedish Steel Prize. In the motivation the wagon is described as: “A slender but stronger wagon that can carry 25 procent more than its predecessor, in spite of an unchanged gross weight”.

  • Swedish PM Fredrik Reinfeldt visits

    Swedish PM Fredrik Reinfeldt visits

    In 2008, Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt visits Kiruna Wagon as part of a trade-focused visit to Norrbotten County. The Prime Minister’s visit is an excellent opportunity for Kiruna Wagon to showcase our in-depth knowledge of heavy iron ore transports, which enables our products to compete internationally.

  • Sealed Side Dumpers for Boliden

    Sealed Side Dumpers for Boliden

    In 2009, Kiruna Wagon signs an agreement with Boliden to manufacture 25 Side Dumpers for Boliden’s copper ore transports from the Aitik mine to the smelter in Rönnskär. Kiruna Wagon works closely with SSAB during the development work to select optimal materials for the subarctic climate and minimise the tare weight.

  • Helix Dumpers for Northland Resources

    In 2012, Kiruna Wagon enters into an agreement with Northland Resources to produce 150 Helix Dumpers for transport of ore concentrate from Northland’s transhipment terminal in Pitkäjärvi in Sweden to the Port of Narvik in Norway. The groundbreaking Helix Dumper can unload even the most tough-flowing concentrate materials during rolling discharge.

  • The Golden Wagon

    The Golden Wagon

    In 2012, Kiruna Wagon delivers the 1000th pellets wagon FAMMOORR050 to LKAB. The handover takes place amid great pomp and circumstance during an event hosted by LKAB, Kiruna Wagon and Kockums Industrier (formerly K Industrier). The 1000th wagon has been painted golden and can be seen in traffic today on the Iron Ore Line.

  • First Export Order

    First Export Order

    In 2013, Kiruna Wagon secures its first export order when contracted to build 40 Bottom Dumpers for Norwegian iron ore producer Rana Gruber AS.  NO-RG Fanoo is built for a 30-tonne axle load and represents a new generation of bottom discharged wagons. In the picture, Fredrik Kangas, Managing Director for Kiruna Wagon (left) shakes hands with Alf A. Øverli, Procurement Manager at Rana Gruber.

  • Winner of Swedish Steel Prize 2017

    Winner of Swedish Steel Prize 2017

    In 2017, Kiruna Wagon is awarded the Swedish Steel Prize for its wagon system Helix Dumper with the motivation: “…with its nearly doubled unloading rate, the Helix system is superior to all conventional solutions and solves many problems related to sticky aggregates. The investment cost for the terminal system is significantly lower. “

  • Apparatus wagons for Trafikverket

    Apparatus wagons for Trafikverket

    In 2017, Kiruna Wagons builds custom made apparatus wagons for the Swedish Transport Administration. In the project an older wagon model is reconstructed with new suspension equipment and running gear, and lightweight materials in sandwich elements is chosen for the body in favour of a heavier welded construction.

  • IHHA conference in Narvik

    IHHA conference in Narvik

    In Junne 2019, Kiruna Wagon is Silver Sponsor for the International Heavy Haul STS Conference in Narvik, Norway. The theme of the conference is “Heavy Haul 4.0 – Achieving Breakthrough Performance Levels”. Two of Kiruna Wagon’s logistic systems are on display during the Technical Tour: the Bottom Dumper (BD) and the Helix Dumper (HD).


  • Side Loader XL for Södra Cell Värö

    Side Loader XL for Södra Cell Värö

    During 2019 Kiruna Wagon is commissioned to streamline Södra Skogsägarna’s market pulp transports by increasing wagon loading and unloading productivity. The wagon that is developed in the project, Side Loader XL, is almost twice as long as its predecessor and has a high loading door that opens along the entire long side, providing maximum accessibility and safe loading and unloading with a clamp forklift.

  • Renewed Contract with Boliden

    Renewed Contract with Boliden

    Kiruna Wagon and Boliden have signed a new agreement for the maintenance of Boliden’s Side Dumper wagon, Taimn091, which is used in Boliden’s copper shuttle between the Aitik mine and the Rönnskär smelter. The agreement is a milestone in the long-term collaboration between the companies. The new agreement is valid until May 31, 2024.

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