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At Kiruna Wagon Consulting, we offer our combined expertise in freight transport as a service. This involves working with the entire logistics chain, including supplements and alternatives to rail transport, such as road transport, conveyors, silos and warehouses, and of course loading, transloading and unloading, with constructive solutions at the forefront.

Our team consists of logistics investigators, engineers, project managers and community communicators. Together, we can take on your logistics challenge at all stages of development.

Examples of our services:

• Planning for large and complex transport establishments
• Linking of existing systems
• Optimisation of existing logistics chains
• Approval processes for freight wagons and special purpose railway wagons




Our range of rail logistics consulting services includes the development of specific wagon technologies, as well as conducting in-depth investigations of complex system solutions, with the purpose of optimising the customer’s supply chain.


In addition to our own portfolio of systems, reference assignments include in-depth investigative work for LKAB, FMG, Komatsu Forest, Södra Skogsägarna, JSC Apatit and Beijing Soly Technology.


Product development for railway transport and vehicles

Our consultancy assignment also includes product development of railway wagons, parts and components. With our critical approach to quality, overall accessibility and serviceability, we have developed a wide range of products for use with your existing systems and wagons.

Examples of our product development:

• Special purpose wagons
• Coupler wagons
• Hybrid wagons for road and rail
• Wagon components such roofs and bogies, and doors for loading and discharge
• Couplers for wagons and locomotives
• Lifting and recovery devices

Learn more about our special purpose and custom wagons here.

Different commodities take different methods and materials to unload in the best way. In this wagon refurbishment assignment for LKAB, we used Duplex steel and wear plastics to secure smooth unloading through a bottom door.



Spare parts, components and maintenance

With the knowledge we have acquired through the manufacturing, service and evaluation of our own wagon systems, we can now offer a growing range of selected wagon components. Read more about department Service & Spare Parts here.

Among our own products, you find the smart TBU Adapter, which greatly reduces the total wheel bearing cost compared to the cost of using axleboxes. TBU (Tapered Bearing Unit) is a bearing technology that has come on strong in recent years and Kiruna Wagon offers an in-house developed adapter for the use of TBU on the wheel axle. The adapter can easily be customised to suit your needs.

Together with CoFren and LKAB, we have also developed Brake Block M134, which is a brake block optimised for the cold winter climate of northern Sweden, Finland and Norway.



We develop and optimise all parts of the rolling stock, such as couplers, brakes and wheel suspensions. For the Swedish Transport Administration, we worked together with the customer to design a completely new and modernised rolling chassis.



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