Kiruna Wagon’s Modular System takes your wagon investment to acompletely new level and increases the possibility of taking market shares from road transports, regardless of whether you are a wagon lessor, operator or user.

With our unique and ultralight wagon chassis as foundation, we build a fully flexible wagon fleet for maximum use of your wagons, both today and during the entire lifespan of the investment. The starting point of Kiruna Wagon’s Modular System is that the costly and regulated wagon chassis should operate continuously, while the load carrier is flexibly changed to meet the current needs.

Flexibility in the choice of load carriers also creates new possibilities for transshipment and running “the last mile” on road, and for transshipment of goods where railways with different gauge meet.

The capital is in the chassis – keep it rolling

As a wagon lessor, anxiety builds when occupancy rates drop and wagons remain parked. With Kiruna Wagon’s Modular System, it is possible to have more load carriers than chassis in your fleet. In this way, a flexible fleet is created, where the capital-intensive chassis gets full occupancy while a number of low-cost load carriers remain standing in anticipation of the next customer. The system also limits the need for costly stabling on rail tracks.

Our Modular System was born from the knowledge that 80 to 90 percent of the cost of a wagon relates to the chassis, with its running gear, coupler, brake equipment and standard requirements, while the load carrier, which normally determines the use of the wagon for its entire life span, stands for only 10 to 20 percent. By having several load carriers per chassis, your wagon fleet can be reset for different uses in a few minutes or a few hours, depending on whether you choose a fully flexible or semi flexible system.

Maximum flexibility

Our ultralight chassis with central drawbar can, through minimum efforts, be converted to a regular container wagon for work in block trains in standardised systems. The interface for buffer and screw coupler can be used for all types of load carriers, for example, load carriers for bulk, timber, liquid bulk, etc.

To facilitate efficient and flexible rail and intermodal operations, the load carrier can be easily transferred between rail chassis made for different track gauges and from trains to road trucks and ships.

Modular System in brief


We provide the chassis, handbook and support

From our modular range, we assemble a chassis tailored to your specific needs. Complete support is provided through the MS Load Carrier Handbook and our knowledgeable staff.

Build your own ideal load carrier

Besides the option of ordering a complete wagon solution from us, with the help of the guidelines provided in the handbook you can design and build your own load carrier that is well integrated with the wagon chassis, has the lowest possible tare weight and is optimised entirely for your commodity and the life span of the project. No one knows your needs or market as well as you.


What’s flexibility worth if it gives a high tare weight and a low payload? Our ultralight chassis enables a 5-tonne heavier payload compared to that of most other modular and flexible wagon solutions. Welcome to contact us to learn more about the advantages of our Modular System.