• Continuous discharge
  • Very low-cost and robust unloading station
  • Unloading capacity of up to 200 wagons/h

BD – Bottom Dumper

BD – Bottom Dumper

Our Bottom Dumper is suitable for heavy transport of easily unloaded commodities and features a large bottom door for high-capacity continuous discharge. The wagon is simple and robust and has a mechanically controlled system for discharge. Due to its modular design, a damaged body or bottom door can be replaced within two hours. The solution is proven in a subarctic climate.

A robust wagon for the heaviest transports

Our new-generation Bottom Dumper is a strong feature of our product portfolio for modular standardised products. The Bottom Dumper is an 8-axle wagon made up of a master wagon, fully equipped with controls for the brake system, and a slave wagon.

The robust BD wagon is suitable for heavy transport of pellets, rock and other easily unloaded commodities and is designed for high-capacity continuous bottom discharge. The construction is based on more than 100 years of experience in rail ore transport and steel refinement.

High-capacity discharge and loading

Fast loading and unloading are key features of the Bottom Dumper. The bottom of the wagon consists of two large hatches that open entirely during discharge. Emphasis has been placed on the angle of repose, to optimise the centre of gravity and achieve a complete emptying. The wagon is designed for rolling discharge and has a discharge capacity of up to 20,000 tonnes per hour.

The Bottom Dumper unloading station is a low-cost solution designed to provide a reliable service in temperatures ranging from −40 to +60 °C. The solution is tested and proven in a demanding subarctic climate. The maximum train speed is 70 km/h when empty and 60 km/h when loaded.

Construction and materials

By using ultra high-strength hot-rolled steel with a lowest yield point of 650 MPa in the body we have minimised the tare weight and developed a more efficient and environmentally friendly ore transport. The wagon body is built like a boat hull where a supporting frame distributes the forces downward from the load to the chassis. Advanced techniques, such as laser hybrid welding and laser cutting, have been used in the manufacturing process to produce durable seams and minimise the heat effects on the steel.

Maintenance concept

The Bottom Dumper has a modular design which means that damaged parts can be quickly replaced. A goal of our maintenance concept is that two people should be able to exchange any of the wagon components within two hours, with exception for the chassis.

NO-RG Fanoo for Rana Gruber

In 2014, Kiruna Wagon was commissioned to manufacture 40 Bottom Dumpers for the Norwegian mining company Rana Gruber AS. The NO-RG Fanoo, which is built for a 30-tonne axle load, is a further development of LKAB’s Fammoorr050 and designed to deliver low tare weight and high payload advantage.

The NO-RG Fanoo is used to transport raw goods from Rana Gruber’s underground mine and open pit in Ørtfjell to the processing plant and port in Mo i Rana.

FAMMOORR050 for the LKAB Kiruna Mine

Since 2005, we have delivered more than 1000 units of Bottom Dumpers to the Swedish mining company LKAB. The delivery of 1000 wagons entails a total of 10.3 km of train and 21,000 tonnes of steel. No equivalent industrial project has been undertaken in Sweden during the past 40 years. The Fammoorr050 transports iron ore from the Kiruna Mine to the ice-free port in Arctic Norway.

The Fammoorr050 is an 8-axle wagon made up of a Fanoo040 master wagon, fully equipped with controls for the brake system, and a Fanoo040 slave wagon. In normal train operation the Fanoo wagons are always semi-permanently coupled in pairs and the performance of a Fammoorr050 is thus that of a Fanoo040 times two (see data table to the right).

The challenge we accepted for the LKAB FAMMOORR050 was the following:

  • Load 100 metric tonnes
  • Transport 1.4 million metric tonnes during its 20-year lifetime
  • Roll 600,000,000 kilometres (490 times around the globe)
  • Function at temperatures ranging from -40 to +50 °C
  • Maximum 1-year development period
Kiruna Wagon Bottom Dumper for Rana Gruber

Kiruna Wagon Bottom Dumper for Rana Gruber. Photo: Runar Gudmundson