Custom Wagons

We build and redesign your wagons with the aim of achieving the highest level of efficiency, serviceability and availability.

With roots in ore transport north of the Arctic Circle, Kiruna Wagon has solid experience in wagon manufacturing for a demanding Nordic climate. Whether your need is in heavy bulk transport, other goods transport or work wagons, we can provide tailored solutions in small or large series.

Since the start in 2004, our goal is to be one step ahead and take the development forward. With a customer-oriented focus, we offer custom built wagons that meet all the requirements in the approval process for transport on public railway as per the Swedish or international standards.

Our services:

• Design and manufacturing of custom wagons and bogies
• Update and modifications of wagons and locomotives
• Prototype development
Documentation and approval processes

Our offer:

• Tailored wagons for a demanding Nordic climate
• Ultra-low tare weight for maximised payload
• Optimisation for Condition Based Maintenance (CBM)
• Long-term wagon economy through high flexibility and serviceability


Modernisations and redesign give new life to rolling stock

Do you have wagons that are not in operation? Or wagons that could be used more effectively or for another purpose? With vast technical expertise and solid industry experience, we will review your wagon fleet and suggest measures that increase its efficiency, functionality and serviceability.

We offer a wide range of services in the modernisation and redesign of wagons, bogies and locomotives, from development and planning to subsequent service and maintenance.

For the Swedish Transport Administration, we have manufactured custom apparatus wagons. The three-axle wagons are used as equipment wagons for storage and work at substations. In the project, the Swedish Transport Administration’s older model of apparatus wagon was redesigned with an updated wheel suspension and running gear. The previous welded body construction was replaced with modern light-weight materials in sandwich elements.


In a project for LKAB Malmtrafik, we have refurbished 50 bottom dump wagons for a more effective unloading, reduced tare weight andenhanced durability. undercarriages from older UADK wagons were reused and fitted with new baskets developed by the customer. The construction of the basket entailed an innovative project, where the angle was made steeper and the entire new basket was built in duplex stainless steel.


Commissioned by SSAB, we have manufactured custom bogies and flat beds for torpedo wagons that transport molten pig iron locally within the SSAB area in Luleå. The wagons weigh 600 tonnes when fully loaded and are built on four bogies with a total of fourteen axles. Based on SSAB’s own drawings, we have manufactured in total twelve bogies and six flat beds for three torpedo wagons. Each unit consists of two three-axle and two four-axle bogies, as well as two flat beds.



Maximising the possibility for a well-functioning Condition Based Maintenance (CBM)

Part of our core philosophy is to maximise the possibility for a well-functioning Condition Based Maintenance (CBM). We build wagons with the idea that maintenance should, as often as possible, be carried out at natural terminal stops without having to disconnect the wagon from the train.

With this strategy, we maximise the revision interval and reduce your maintenance costs in the long run. Thanks to our extensive experience of wagons in commuter traffic, we have developed special expertise within modern and simplified solutions that efficiently enhance the serviceability of your wagons. This has given us many satisfied and recurring customers. Our engineers always consider and evaluate safety aspects from a BBS perspective for the design of the wagon and its variable parts, components, and work routines.



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