Kiruna Wagon to exhibit at conference on infrastructure and logistics in the Barents on February 17–18, 2020.

The conference takes place in Kiruna, Sweden and brings together major players in rail logistics in the Barents area: LKAB, Norrbottniabanan (The North Bothnia Line) and Port of Narvik. Also participating in the conference are the non-profit organisation Georange, North Sweden, North Norway and North Finland – European Offices and Barents Euro-Arctic Council.

The conference’s focus on long-term and sustainable development of infrastructure and logistics in the Barents area is an example of cross-border initiatives that strengthen and streamline the region and that are warmly welcomed by Kiruna Wagon.

“We have long had customers and partners in Norway and Finland and together we of course see both the opportunities and the obstacles that must be overcome in order to unite rail traffic in the Barents,” says Kiruna Wagon’s Managing Director Fredrik Kangas.

Kiruna Wagon is currently launching a modular wagon system for efficient transhipment of both bulk and containerised goods in a modular solution that does not increase the tare weight. The prototype equipped with an interchangeable side tipping container for dry bulk performed well through the tests. Next, sales and manufacture of wagons and more variants of interchangeable carriers, such as liquid cargo carriers, timber and sea containers, await.

“Kiruna Wagon’s history and expertise is based on heavy ore transport, but we also like to promote our Custom Wagons and Modular Wagons departments, as well as our know-how and our innovative approach to rail logistics, which we offer through our department Kiruna Wagon Consulting,” concludes Fredrik Kangas.

The conference is organised by Nordic Publishing. Find out more here:


Fredrik Kangas
Managing Director
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