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Kiruna Wagon delivers 100 new wagons for LKAB


Press release April 2024 Kiruna Wagon delivers 100 new wagons for LKAB Kiruna Wagon's oldest and largest customer, LKAB, has ordered 100 new F050 bottom dumping wagons for the transportation of iron ore products to the ports of Luleå and Narvik. So far, over 1100 units of the classic ore wagon have been produced. Kiruna Wagon was founded in 2004. In the same year, the first ore wagon was delivered to LKAB in collaboration with Kockums Industrier AB and the local companies, GMK AB, KGS and Nybergs Mekaniska Verkstad. "The vast majority of the wagons are still in [...]

Kiruna Wagon delivers 100 new wagons for LKAB2024-04-26T13:30:06+00:00

Kiruna Wagon delivers new wagons to Södra Cell


Press release February 2024 Kiruna Wagon delivers new wagons to Södra Cell Kiruna Wagon has just delivered the first batch of wagons in a series of 22 units to Södra Cell's pulp mill in Värö, near Varberg. – We've been working closely with the customer to meet their expectations. We've been flexible and open to changes along the way, and it's great to now see the wagons rolling out," says Carl Ordéus, Quality manager and purchasing at Kiruna Wagon. The wagons, designed by Kiruna Wagon, have undergone extensive testing in harsh climates to ensure their reliability. They boast [...]

Kiruna Wagon delivers new wagons to Södra Cell2024-04-26T05:48:50+00:00

Johnny bytte gruvan mot vagnsverkstäder – ”Jag gillar korta ledtider”


Med bakgrund inom industrin ända sedan studenten har Johnny Lehto gått igenom flera arbetsgivare och roller. 1997 började han arbeta under jord i Kirunagruvan och så sent som i september i år fick han sin första roll ovan jord – som underhållschef hos Kiruna Wagon. Vilken är den största skillnaden mot din tidigare arbetsplats? – Det känns som friluftsdag i jämförelse! Nej, skämt å sido, men att arbeta utomhus och ibland under soliga dagar i Pitkijärvi är riktigt härligt. Jag hade varit under jord sedan jag gick ut gymnasiet och kände att det var dags för något [...]

Johnny bytte gruvan mot vagnsverkstäder – ”Jag gillar korta ledtider”2024-02-12T14:27:14+00:00

”Vi jobbar från jord till bord här” – Carl Ordéus valde bort storstan


Efter några år på Västkusten bestämde sig Carl Ordéus; Götet i all sin ära men det kändes aldrig riktigt rätt. Då var Kiruna med sitt lugn och smällkalla, snörika vintrar, det självklara valet. Att han sedan fick jobb på Kiruna Wagon förstärkte bara känslan av att han gjort rätt. Hur hamnade du i Kiruna? – Jag kommer ursprungligen från Uppsala men pluggade i Luleå på universitet ett tag. När jag sedan flyttade ner till Göteborg kom jag att sakna vintern men inte minst lugnet här i norr. Då blev det att jag flyttade till Kiruna för åtta [...]

”Vi jobbar från jord till bord här” – Carl Ordéus valde bort storstan2023-12-22T12:01:27+00:00

Jessica hittade sin drömarbetsplats


Det var ingalunda självklart att Jessica Hardell skulle återvända till Kiruna som hon flyttat ifrån när hon var 16 år gammal. Men det är ju något visst med Norrbotten … Jessica Hardell som både rest runt i över 30 olika länder och arbetat utomlands väljer Norrbotten framför allt annat. Hon tvekar inte heller när hon kallar länet för ”den bästa platsen på jorden”. På Kiruna Wagon arbetar hon som senior projektledare med fokus på teknisk försäljning. – Det är faktiskt hit jag alltid längtat när jag varit borta. Här i Norrbotten finns en riktig kämparanda, men [...]

Jessica hittade sin drömarbetsplats2023-12-14T14:09:03+00:00

Kiruna Wagon signs maintenance agreement with Boliden


Kiruna Wagon and Boliden have signed a new agreement for the maintenance of Boliden's Side Dumper wagon, Taimn091. The agreement is a milestone in the long-term collaboration between the companies. Commenting on the agreement, Kiruna Wagon's Service and Maintenance Manager, Mattias Gustafsson, said: “We are proud of our partnership with Boliden and see the renewed agreement as proof that our long-term collaboration works well. We work with all of their logistics players to increase quality and reduce Boliden's total costs, all the way from loading to unloading. We really believe in continued progress in that area.” The side-dumping wagon Taimn091 [...]

Kiruna Wagon signs maintenance agreement with Boliden2022-01-07T08:44:28+00:00

Maintenance as the link to efficient railway logistics


In the world of railway logistics, requirements are high regarding safety and quality. The price tag for transportation companies who want to meet the demands could therefore be expensive. But through preventive maintenance it is possible to decrease disruptions, while at the same time optimising the quality of rail wagons and reducing wear costs to a minimum. Those companies who succeed often work according to similar concepts. They have ongoing collaborations with partners and suppliers, as well as a plan for regular preventive maintenance. Another key to success is the meticulous documentation of measures taken to keep their wagon fleet [...]

Maintenance as the link to efficient railway logistics2022-01-07T09:00:40+00:00

Side Loader XL – new video


Side Loader XL is an innovative freight wagon with fully opening sides for unrestricted and super-efficient loading and unloading by forklift or wheel loader. Operated safely by a remote control, the entire 20-metre-long side opens vertically into a revolutionary large loading door, without supporting columns or sliding doors. We are very proud of the wagon's superlight truss construction, which makes the long door light, flexible and yet sufficiently strong. The design enables swift and safe access to the 51-square-metre loading area. In predecessors to this wagon, columns or sliding doors were common solutions. Our mission was to remove any elements [...]

Side Loader XL – new video2022-01-07T14:54:30+00:00

The TBU adapter is the modern alternative to bearing boxes


Simplified maintenance through modularisation and lower life-cycle costs are two cornerstones of Kiruna Wagon’s offering. Our proprietary TBU adapter is an example of products that reduce costs and increase the availability of railway wagons. TBU adapters offer an effective way to move from earlier bearings and bearing boxes to using modern, inexpensive and accessible TBUs that are mounted on the wheel axle and connect to the simple adapter. This is a good alternative for new construction, but it is also easy to calculate the return on investment by rebuilding your existing wagons for more efficient wheel axle changes. TBU stands [...]

The TBU adapter is the modern alternative to bearing boxes2022-01-07T08:58:59+00:00

Now in service: Side Loader XL for Södra Cell Värö


Kiruna Wagon's new wagon, Side Loader XL, manufactured for market pulp producer Södra Cell Värö, lives up to its name. The entire 20-metre-long side opens vertically into a revolutionary large loading door that enables efficient loading of pallets or other cargo by wheel loader or forklift. High-strength steel and a lightweight truss construction enable the entire three-sectioned length of the wagon to be opened hydraulically. The durable, flexible material tarpaulin is used for the outer surface, keeping the weight low. “A large load opening such as this is revolutionary. Wagons of this type generally have sliding doors or support columns [...]

Now in service: Side Loader XL for Södra Cell Värö2022-01-07T14:55:05+00:00
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