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Kiruna Wagon delivers 100 new wagons for LKAB

Kiruna Wagon delivers 100 new wagons for LKAB

Kiruna Wagon’s oldest and largest customer, LKAB, has ordered 100 new F050 bottom dumping wagons for the transportation of iron ore products to the ports of Luleå and Narvik. So far, over 1100 units of the classic ore wagon have been produced.

Kiruna Wagon was founded in 2004. In the same year, the first ore wagon was delivered to LKAB in collaboration with Kockums Industrier AB and the local companies, GMK AB, KGS and Nybergs Mekaniska Verkstad.

“The vast majority of the wagons are still in operation after 20 years. We believe this is proof that we were right to invest in quality from the start. It is obviously a winning concept”, says Anders Vikard, Technical Manager and Project Manager at Kiruna Wagon.

Production of the F050 is carried out by Kiruna Wagon in collaboration with subcontractors. The project began in the autumn of 2023 and by November 30th, the first wagon was approved for delivery. Production of the remaining wagons is currently underway and the rest of the units will be delivered continuously during this year.

“Kiruna Wagon has been a reliable partner for many years. This is of great importance to us since these wagons are vital to keep a stable logistics flow. Between 2006 and 2013, 1130 wagons were delivered, of which only a few have been discarded due to derailments. This investment is a replacement for these units as well as an expansion of the fleet,” says Linda Bjurholt, Logistics Manager at LKAB.

The basket has a shorter lifespan than the frame as the sheet metal wears down, which is why Kiruna Wagon extends the lifespan with “lining” – a method where more durable sheet metal is mounted in the basket. Last year, Kiruna Wagon carried out this maintenance on 174 wagons and so far a total of 722 wagons have been renovated with new sheet metal.

“We are very grateful for LKAB’s continued trust in our products and services. The F050, with its characteristic shape in very long train sets, has almost become synonymous with our region,” says Anders Vikard.

F050 is used for the transportation of iron ore products to LKAB’s ports in Narvik and Luleå. Each wagon is loaded with 100 tons and a full train set transports 6800 tons of iron ore products. The 1000th made wagon was painted in gold and has become a common motif on social media. Recently, a wagon in the colors of the rainbow flag was also delivered to LKAB.

In 2017, Kiruna Wagon won SSAB’s “Swedish Steel Prize” with the Helix Dumper system. In 2022, the F050 was nominated for the same award.


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F050 is used for the transportation of iron ore products to LKAB’s ports. On November 30th last year, the first wagon of 100 new units was approved for delivery.