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Our Expertise

At Kiruna Wagon Consulting, we offer our combined expertise in freight transport as a service. This involves working with the entire logistics chain, including supplements and alternatives to rail transport, such as road transport, conveyors, silos and warehouses, and of course loading, transloading and unloading, with constructive solutions at the forefront.

Our team consists of logistics investigators, engineers, project managers and community communicators. Together, we can take on your logistics challenge at all stages of development.

In addition to our own portfolio of systems, reference assignments include in-depth investigative work for LKAB, FMG, Komatsu Forest, Södra Skogsägarna, JSC Apatit and Beijing Soly Technology.

Some of Our Services

  • Planning for large and complex transport establishments

  • Linking of existing systems

  • Optimisation of existing logistics chains

  • Approval processes for freight wagons and special purpose railway wagons

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Product Development for Rail Wagons

Our consultancy assignment also includes product development of railway wagons and parts and components. With our critical approach to quality, overall accessibility and serviceability, we develop a wide range of products for use with your existing systems and wagons.

  • Special purpose wagons
  • Coupler wagons
  • Hybrid wagons for road and rail
  • Wagon components such as roofs and bogies, and doors for loading and discharge
  • Couplers for wagons and locomotives
  • Lifting and recovery devices

Service & Maintenance

A solid track record in wagon maintenance

Since many years we are responsbible for maintaining Boliden’s wagon fleet, and for performing progressive maintenance work on the LKAB Kiruna Mine’s underground fleet, as well running repairs on its surface fleet.

Our service work involves all kinds of wagon maintenance. For example:

  • Wheel and axle maintenance
  • Brake inspection
  • Inspections, servicing and replacement of all other components such as, for example, pneumatics.

Our maintenance services include basic inspections, service and component replacements according to fixed service intervals, as well as digitised plug and play systems as part of proactive and fully condition-based maintenance (CBM). We are now moving forward to fully automatic, real time visual inspections in accordance with the principles for Industry 4.0. In addition to these basic services, we also sell our service methodology in the form of work specification and training.

Our wagons are optimised for efficient and condition-based maintenance which enables longer maintenance intervals and increased availability. You are welcome to contact us to discuss maintenance methodology and the benefits of CBM for your unique processes and fleet.

In addition to these basic services, we also sell our service methodology in the form of work specification and training.

Welding & Steel Engineering

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“We are very satisfied with the constructive dialogue throughout planning and design. The decision to go with a sandwich solution for the walls was a welcome improvement.“

“Thanks to Kiruna Wagon’s solution, we increase our transport capacity by 25 percent using the same train length, which prepares us for future production increases.”

“We chose Kiruna Wagon as a partner for this extensive and complex project because we have very good collaborative experience from previous projects. It is a well-structured company with high technical competence.”


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