Freight wagon spare parts & components

Based on the knowledge acquired through the manufacturing and service of our own wagon systems, we offer a growing range of selected spare parts for freight wagons. In addition to our in-stock inventory we also develop and manufacture components to meet your needs, such as couplers, brakes and wheel suspensions.

Spare parts

As a wagon system supplier, we know the value of having the best possible service and spare parts supply chain. We have carefully developed our range of spare parts for our own systems, and are pleased to offer this selection also to external customers.

Our range of spare parts for rolling stock includes:

AAR approved components

  • Amsted Rail 3-piece bogies
  • Wheels and axles
  • Parts for Amsted Rail bogies (springs, pins, central plates etc.)
  • Draw gears (draft gear, yokes, automatic couplers etc.)
  • Towing hooks

TSI approved components

  • Buffer and chain couplings
  • UIC footsteps
  • Brake components (e.g. distributor valves, air reservoirs, empty/load changeover valves, slack adjusters, cylinders.)

Parts for underground Rock Dumper

  • Chevron brackets and springs
  • Hinge pins
  • Coupling pins
  • Tip wheels (specially developed separable wheels)

Components for Nordic conditions

  • TBU Adapter

    Our smart TBU Adapter greatly reduces the total wheel bearing cost compared to the cost of using axleboxes. The Tapered Bearing Unit (TBU) is a bearing technology that has come on strong in recent years and Kiruna Wagon offers an in-house developed adapter for the use of a TBU on the wheel axle. The adapter can easily be customised to suit your needs. Welcome to contact us for more details.

  • M134 – A brake block for Nordic conditions

    Brake Block M134 is developed in partnership with LKAB and CoFren and optimised for the demanding winter climate of the Nordic region, where ice, snow and low temperatures often cause problems for railway transports. Brake Block M134 of sintered materials works effectively even when the heat from the brakes melts snow to water, which then freezes to ice. It also contributes to improved balance and reduced flange wear, resulting in a longer lifespan. Welcome to contact us for more details.

    Our selection of brake blocks also includes:

    • C810 – Composite organic brake block
    • S153 – Sintered block
Roland VingbäckSpare Parts & Purchasing Manager

As a freight wagon manufacturer and system supplier, we know the value of having the best possible service and spare parts supply chain. Welcome to contact us with all your rolling stock parts needs.