Our Side Dumper 2.0 combines our proven side dumping technology with a new, ultralight and modular design that takes your productivity to new levels.

The ultralight Side Dumper 2.0 is equipped with a roof for sealed and secure transport of all types of bulk commodities, including sticky, dusty and hazardous materials.

Depending on your loading technique, there are two design options available; the wagon can either be constructed with a roof suitable for loading by wheel loader or with a sliding roof optimised for shute loading.

Ultralight for unprecedented productivity

Thanks to its low tare weight, our new SD wagon offers the world’s highest productivity when it comes to roofed, side tipping wagons for heavy dry bulk. The new wagon is more than 20 percent lighter than its predecessor, and considerably lighter than most comparable wagons on the market.

Through a new and revolutionary design concept, we have been able to remove the stabilising underframe and hinges from the SD wagon and make the new wagon ultralight. In the new SD system, the unloading station acts as counterhold during tipping and forms, together with the wagon’s pivot, the hinge which the load carrier is rotated around.

Robust and low-cost unloading station

The SD system consists of an optimised combination of wagon and unloading solution, both of which are designed and manufactured by Kiruna Wagon.

In the updated SD 2.0 system, the robust and low-cost unloading station has been redesigned to allow for a simplified and considerably lighter wagon construction. All hydraulic components are of the standard type that is used for example in wheel loaders and trucks.

For maximum discharge capacity, up to four unloading stations can be used simultaneously. This gives an unloading capacity of up to 15,200 tonnes per hour.

Modular design for best total wagon fleet economy

Side Dumper 2.0 forms part of our patented modular logistics system, in which a standardised chassis is used together with different, tailor made load carriers. The modular construction offers major production advantages, such as high accessibility and maintainability of individual load carriers and an increased availability of the entire logistics system. The load carriers are easily exchanged depending on your current transport and maintenance needs, and a capital-intensive chassis can remain in production while its load carrier is removed for servicing.

To facilitate efficient and flexible rail and intermodal operations, the load carrier can be easily transferred between rail chassis made for different track gauges and from trains to road trucks and ships.

SD 2.0 in brief


In a scenario where the annual transport volume is 1,000,000 tonnes, the ultralight Side Dumper 2.0 can save 1000 wagon loads per year, when compared to a wagon that weighs 27 tonnes and operates on a 25 tonnes axle load railway, with a total wagon weight of 100 tonnes.

Wagon specifications SD 32.5/10.4 – 1435 SD 25/8 – 1435 SD 18/6.4 – 1000
Loading volume 55 m3 55 m3 59 m3
Max payload 108.8 tonnes 78.8 tonnes 53.5 tonnes
Tare weight 21.2 tonnes 21.2 tonnes 18.5 tonnes
Maximum allowed total weight 130 tonnes 100 tonnes 72 tonnes
Number of axles 4 4 4
Max axle load 32.5 tonnes 25 tonnes 18 tonnes
Max allowed line load 10.4 tonnes/m 8 tonnes/m 6.4 tonnes/m
Gauge 1,435 mm 1,435 mm 1,000 mm
Unloading capacity per station
(multiple stations can be used simultaneously)
3,800 tonnes/h 2,300 tonnes/h 1,600 tonnes/h
Max tipping angle of body 60° 60° 60°
Length over couplers 12.5 m 12.5 m 11.25 m
Smallest curve radius 90 m 90 m 90 m
Max speed (local conditions and regulations will
limit the speed for loaded wagons)
110 km/h 110 km/h 110 km/h
Coupler height 876 mm 876 mm 876 mm
Optional Optional Optional
Station Specifications
Unloading capacity per station 3800 tonnes/h
Required train positioning accuracy +/- 1000 mm
Working temperature -40 to +60˚C
Electrical power required 55 kW
Loading gauge All common
All wagon types can be customised to fit your logistics preconditions. Such as axle loads, length, volume, loading profile, AAR, TSI, etc.

HERMES Project

The Side Dumper 2.0 was developed in the innovative European logistics project, HERMES, with the aim to improve competitiveness and efficiency of rail freight transport. This project was funded by the EU as part of its Mobility for Growth “Smart Rail” (MG2.2) Horizon 2020 program.