Side Loader XL – new video


Side Loader XL is an innovative freight wagon with fully opening sides for unrestricted and super-efficient loading and unloading by forklift or wheel loader. Operated safely by a remote control, the entire 20-metre-long side opens vertically into a revolutionary large loading door, without supporting columns or sliding doors. We are very proud of the wagon's superlight truss construction, which makes the long door light, flexible and yet sufficiently strong. The design enables swift and safe access to the 51-square-metre loading area. In predecessors to this wagon, columns or sliding doors were common solutions. Our mission was to remove any elements [...]

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Successful collaboration with Tibnor


Kiruna Wagon’s main partner in steel – Tibnor – is the leading Nordic supplier of steel and related processing services. Tibnor’s extensive product range, specialised processing services and experience of working with high-performance materials is an important factor in the success of Kiruna Wagon’s design work. In the video, Kiruna Wagon's Managing Director, Fredrik Kangas, and Joachim Eresjö, Product Specialist at Tibnor, talks about the collaboration.

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New demo video featuring the award-winning Helix Dumper


In our new demo video you can watch the Helix Dumper system unload iron ore fines at a discharge rate of 25,000 tonnes per hour. Filmed in November 2016, the video shows Helix Dumpers designed for a 30-tonne axle load. Each wagon holds approximately 98 tonnes and takes about 14 seconds to unload. Running in unbroken train sets, this gives a discharge rate of 25,000 tonnes per hour, which is unprecedented in the unloading of ore concentrate and other fine-grained and potentially sticky commodities. There is no existing technology that can match the productivity of the Helix Dumper system when [...]

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HERMES project presentation video


Kiruna Wagon is pleased to report that the HERMES project is progressing well. In our new video we explain the objectives of the HERMES project and Kiruna Wagon’s central role in designing the bulk wagon of the future. Hermes is a European research project coordinated by salt and potash producer ICL – Iberpotash in Spain and funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme. The project has a duration of 36 months, a total budget of 6.7M € and is developed by 9 partners from Sweden, Denmark, France and Spain. Kiruna Wagon has a central role in this international [...]

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New product video presenting our Side Dumper


Our new product video features the Side Dumper – a wagon designed for sealed transport of hazardous and/or highly refined ore products. Kiruna Wagon's proven Side Dumper can discharge both left and right and be loaded from both sides. The unloading station is extremely simple which gives a good overall economy, especially if goods are unloaded at more than one location. The calculated lifetime of the wagon is 30 years.

New product video presenting our Side Dumper2022-01-07T12:17:16+00:00
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