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Kiruna Wagon signs wagon order with Northland Resources


Kiruna Wagon has signed an order for 150 iron ore wagons with international mining company Northland Resources. The wagons are scheduled for delivery between January 1, 2013 and May 5, 2014. “With this order we consolidate our position as a top supplier to modern mining companies that demand cost-effective ore transport solutions of world-class,” said Fredrik Kangas, Operations Manager at Kiruna Wagon. The wagons, which load approximately 98 tonnes, will transport ore concentrate of the pellet feed type from Northland’s transshipment terminal in Pitkäjärvi in Sweden, to the ice-free port of Narvik in Norway, a distance of 226 kilometres. Constructed [...]

Kiruna Wagon signs wagon order with Northland Resources2022-01-07T13:34:23+00:00

Kiruna Wagon to produce underground wagons for LKAB


Kiruna Wagon has received an order to produce 121 iron ore wagons for LKAB's new main level, located on 1,365 meters below ground. The wagons will be produced between 2011–2015 and means another long-term project for Kiruna Wagon. When completed, the fleet is expected to transport more than 30 million tonnes crude ore annually, from the ore passes to the crushing plant and hoisting station. "Choosing Kiruna Wagon as our supplier feels very natural. It is all about price and competence. They also did a very good job delivering over 800 Pellets Wagon F 050, which operate the Narvik and [...]

Kiruna Wagon to produce underground wagons for LKAB2022-01-07T13:49:17+00:00

Kiruna Wagon builds copper concentrate wagons for Boliden


Kiruna Wagon has signed an agreement with Boliden for the manufacturing of 25 concentrate wagons. The wagon will be a closed, environmentally safe solution with a carrying capacity of 73 tonnes. When Boliden's Aitik Mine increases the production of copper concentrate, the new transport volume will reach levels of about 375,000 tonnes per year, which is equal to 1,075 tonnes per day. Kiruna Wagon’s assigment is to develop a new type of wagon to increase the transport capacity in an environmentally safe way. The new 4-axel bogie wagon will measure a little over twelve metres, and have a capacity of [...]

Kiruna Wagon builds copper concentrate wagons for Boliden2022-01-07T15:28:17+00:00
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