Future Infrastructure and Logistics Systems – the forum for sustainable transport in Arctic Europe


Kiruna Wagon to exhibit at conference on infrastructure and logistics in the Barents on February 17–18, 2020. The conference takes place in Kiruna, Sweden and brings together major players in rail logistics in the Barents area: LKAB, Norrbottniabanan (The North Bothnia Line) and Port of Narvik. Also participating in the conference are the non-profit organisation Georange, North Sweden, North Norway and North Finland – European Offices and Barents Euro-Arctic Council. The conference’s focus on long-term and sustainable development of infrastructure and logistics in the Barents area is an example of cross-border initiatives that strengthen and streamline the region and that [...]

Future Infrastructure and Logistics Systems – the forum for sustainable transport in Arctic Europe2022-01-07T09:26:34+00:00

Kiruna Wagon to produce wagons for Södra Cell Värö


Kiruna Wagon has been commissioned to streamline Södra Cell Värö's pulp transports by increasing wagon loading and unloading productivity. The order comprises twenty-two wagons for Södra Cell's pulp transports from the mill in Värö to the port in Varberg. Measuring twenty metres, the new wagon is almost twice as long as its predecessor and constitutes a productive solution, where the entire long side can be opened for maximum accessibility and safe loading and unloading with a clamp forklift. “We are pleased and proud to be able to renew a relatively traditional design with solutions that enable cost-effective logistics with high [...]

Kiruna Wagon to produce wagons for Södra Cell Värö2022-01-07T15:25:52+00:00

Hybrid road-rail service wagon


Together with our co-owner NMV Group, Kiruna Wagon has built a service wagon for operation on both roads and rail tracks. The service wagon was commissioned by LKAB and is used for salvage work and track clean-up after derailments above and underground, among other things. A flexible construction makes it possible to operate the wagon both on roads and on rail tracks. The rail wheels are lowered through a hydraulic function. Designed with the specific requirements of underground work in mind, the service wagon is equipped with both interior and exterior work lights. Roller doors in all directions allow easy [...]

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Refurbishment of underground wagons for LKAB


LKAB’s fleet of 162 underground wagons is currently being refurbished and upgraded by Kiruna Wagon. The wagon fleet operates on the mine’s main haulage level, 1,365 metres below ground, in the Kiruna Iron Ore Mine, which is the world's largest and most modern underground iron ore mine. During the work, a new type of easy-to-use manual for inspection, service and service intervals will be developed by Kiruna Wagon in collaboration with LKAB. "The new manual is an important step to ensure correct assembly, inspection and maintenance of the couplers," said Bengt Bolsöy, Product & System Consultant at Kiruna Wagon. [...]

Refurbishment of underground wagons for LKAB2022-01-07T09:51:04+00:00

Wagon bottom door refurbishment for Rana Gruber


4 years and 18 million tonnes of iron ore have passed since Kiruna Wagon delivered the first of 40 Bottom Dumper ore wagons to Rana Gruber in Norway. The time has now come to refurbish the wagon doors. Norwegian iron ore producer, Rana Gruber, operates the wagons on short, but intensive, transport distances of some 40 km from the mine in Ørtfjell to the concentration plant at the port of Mo i Rana on the Atlantic coast. This means that the doors on the company's Bottom Dumpers are used very intensively. Kiruna Wagon has since 2004 built over 1,000 Bottom [...]

Wagon bottom door refurbishment for Rana Gruber2022-01-07T09:54:09+00:00

Kiruna Wagon silver sponsor for IHHA Conference 2019


As silver sponsor of the 2019 International Heavy Haul STS Conference in Narvik, two of Kiruna Wagon's wagon systems will be showcased live. The conference is hosted by the International Heavy Haul Association and Nordic Heavy Haul in Partnership with Bane NOR and Trafikverket at the Arctic University of Norway in Narvik. The programme, including the Technical Workshop and the Technical Tour, runs from June 10th to June 15th. The theme of the 2019 conference is “Heavy Haul 4.0 – Achieving Breakthrough Performance Levels”, which presents a perfect opportunity for the international heavy haul community to share solutions and successes [...]

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Kiruna Wagon’s Helix Dumpers in operation for Kaunis Iron


We are pleased to announce that following the restart of the Kaunisvaara iron ore mine, Helix Dumpers from Kiruna Wagon are back in operation on the Iron Ore Line. Kaunis Iron took over the mine near Kaunisvaara in Pajala municipality, previously held by Northland Resources, in 2017. The mining production commenced this summer and the first train with Helix Dumpers left the transhipping terminal in Pitkäjärvi in mid August, 2018. Railway logistics operator Railcare is in charge of Kaunis Iron’s transport operations on the Iron Ore Line and Ofoten Line between Pitkäjärvi in Sweden and the Port of Narvik in [...]

Kiruna Wagon’s Helix Dumpers in operation for Kaunis Iron2022-01-07T10:08:46+00:00

Kiruna Wagon modernises wagons with Duplex Stainless Steel for LKAB


Kiruna Wagon has been commissioned to refurbish 50 bottom dumpers for raw material transport between LKAB sites. “This project calls for a lot of customisation, since we’re renovating and reusing undercarriages from old UADK wagons and fitting them with new baskets,” says Pawel Karas, Project Manager at Kiruna Wagon. The new basket is developed by LKAB, based on experiences with the basket of ore wagon F050, and is a challenging and innovative project in itself. Besides having steeper ends – 50 degrees rather than 40 degrees – the main new feature is that the entire basket will be made of [...]

Kiruna Wagon modernises wagons with Duplex Stainless Steel for LKAB2022-01-07T10:18:07+00:00

Successful collaboration with Tibnor


Kiruna Wagon’s main partner in steel – Tibnor – is the leading Nordic supplier of steel and related processing services. Tibnor’s extensive product range, specialised processing services and experience of working with high-performance materials is an important factor in the success of Kiruna Wagon’s design work. In the video, Kiruna Wagon's Managing Director, Fredrik Kangas, and Joachim Eresjö, Product Specialist at Tibnor, talks about the collaboration.

Successful collaboration with Tibnor2022-01-06T17:57:21+00:00

Kiruna Wagon delivers wagons to the Swedish Transport Administration


Kiruna Wagon has delivered two out of four custom made apparatus wagons to the Swedish Transport Administration. The three-axle apparatus wagons will be used for transport and storage of instruments that are used during work at substations along the track. In the project, Kiruna Wagon has reconstructed the Swedish Transport Administration’s older model of apparatus wagon with new suspension equipment and running gear, among other things, to make the wagon compatible with modern wheel axles, bearings and springs, etc. For the body, modern lightweight materials in sandwich elements were chosen instead of a heavier welded construction. The wagon project was [...]

Kiruna Wagon delivers wagons to the Swedish Transport Administration2022-01-07T10:23:38+00:00
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